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We are providing dual services to our clients:

  1. Housing Services: This consists of completed and partly-completed houses of various types ranging from bungalows, detached and semi-detached duplexes, block of flats and blocks of luxury flats, to terrace houses. Right now we constructing 270 units of 3 bedroom bungalow and 96 units of terrace duplexes at Queen’s land and Royal Palms estates respectively.

  2. Site and services whereby we make available empty plots of land of different sizes in our estates and provide modern infrastructures/facilities therein, while the plot owners take responsibility for building houses of their choice inline with estate guidelines.

This aspect of our services is on going now at our four estates located in Agbara neighbourhood, they include Royal Palms estate, Queen’s land estate I and II and Majesty Garden city.

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There is no doubt that the population of Lagos state is increasing at a geometric rate by the day. The last National population census puts Lagos at having a population of over 12 million people, though this is being contested by the Lagos government and people who are estimating its population to be over 19 million. Whatever the number is, it is a known fact that the present population of Lagos state is far too heavy for the state both in terms of land mass and infrastructure.Contraction of terrace

One glaring fact about this population explosion in Lagos is that the growth does not commensurate with the increase in housing. Study puts the housing need in Lagos state at over 6 millions units. In the past, the state government tried their hands in the provision of housing which led to the construction of low quality housing estates in various parts of the state and today some of those estates have turned into slums. The reason is quite clear government is a bad business man.

Lately, there has been an advent of privately promoted estates in various parts of the state but more on the lekki corridor. However the prices of houses in these estates have been placed beyond the reach of the ordinary man and substantial portion of the middle class. The near absence of realistic mortgage loans with medium/long term repayment tenure has not helped matters in this regards.

House rents in Lagos state are quite high and understandably so. The cost of completing a housing unit in Lagos state is high due to a combination of the following factors among others. Viz

  • Lagos, they say is below sea level which makes the cost of bringing an average plot of land in the state to a buildable state very high. This includes sand-filling, raft foundation, piling, etc.

  • The processing cost of title documents in the state is quite high due to the pressure on the few existing lands.

  • Then the ever exploding population.


The foregoing factors therefore offer a great advantage to Ogun state which is the only Nigeria state bordering Lagos state, to accommodate the overlow of Lagos state population. Ogun state has a very huge land mass with very small population comparatively.

The recent synchronization of efforts between Ogun and Lagos states towards the creation of Lagos – Ogun mega city along Mowe, Ibafon, Ikorodu axis has led to the springing up, lots of privately promoted proposed estates along that axis. The essence is to help ease the pressure on Lagos.

Little attention however has been paid to Abgara, Igbesa, Badagry axis which has a very great but neglected potential and serious housing gap. It was as a result of this wide gap in housing on this axis and the great potential for off-takers of housing units that inspired us to come up with the following estates: Royal Palms, Queen’s land phase 1, Majesty garden city and Queen’s land phase 2, all located within Agbara area, Ogun state.

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